BS LLC is an integrated branding, strategy, and marketing agency that helps companies organize resources toward growth.

Sound like a bunch of BS? Buzzwords aside—we make and shape beautiful brands optimized for beautiful results.

BS LLC is an Award-Winning Branding & Strategy Agency based in Cincinnati, OH. That means we do branding, strategy, and marketing things. We don’t like that these words have seemingly mystical connotations because they’re not complicated concepts – just complicated processes.

We seek to understand where a business has been, where it is, and where it desires to go based on a set of shared principles and objectives. To get there, we marry objectives & company vision with robust business theory; we organize against priorities and resources and build a comprehensive roadmap to achieve your goals.

We offer branding, strategy, and marketing solutions because we believe that businesses operate at their highest growth potential when guided by a holistic set of values and goals. If you would like to learn more about how BS LLC can help you grow from the inside out, please send us a message or schedule an appointment. Additionally, you can take an in-depth look at our services, resources, and portfolio.



Do you need to make sense of bulls**t? That’s our specialty.


Branding can be a scary and intimidating word for a business. What is it? Who needs it? How can I trust the people who are doing it for me? Having been through the branding process with several companies in my career, I feel that BS have the unique qualities of being immensely talented and knowledgeable while also being inviting, open and engaging with their clients about the entire process. They help to make the branding collaborative rather than alienating, fun instead of convoluted. The quality of their work is outstanding, their creativity is seemingly boundless and their team is always professional and transparent.

Lauren Fisher – BLDG 20

We were initially looking for a firm that would be able to organize all of our thoughts about our company into a brand that would make sense to our customers. They have done just that in the projects that we have been working on. We are going to continue to use BS for multiple different projects moving forward.

Colin Hanley – Arcadia Towers

BS helped us create a brand we couldn’t have imagined doing on our own or with anyone else. They understood our needs, vision and goal. They are great to work with and we trusted them the whole way. There is nothing like our brand out there. We will keep working with them with our new ventures and will always recommend them to everyone!

Mapi De Veyra – Decibel Chicken

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