BS LLC is a Strategy, Branding, and Marketing agency focused on helping clients discover their place in the world and build from purpose. 

With science and art, we create timeless solutions for brands in transition. We help our clients grow from the inside out. 

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BS LLC is a strategy & branding agency. That means we do branding, strategy, and design things. We don’t like that these words have seemingly mystical connotations because they’re not complicated concepts, they’re just complicated processes.

Branding is the process of helping businesses define, refine, and deepen their benefits and differences—a process of creating a brand identity (communication system and visual identity) and a corresponding set of values that flow through every aspect of a business.

Strategybrand strategy, business strategy, & marketing strategy — is the process of understanding where a business has been, where it is, and where it desires to go based on a set of shared principles and objectives. To get there, we marry business objectives & company vision with robust business theory; we map opportunities, organize against priorities and resources, and build a comprehensive roadmap to achieve your goals (increased revenue, improved market share, better internal culture, etc).  

Design is a method of creation—a process for organizing language, images, and objects, that serves a specific purpose. As humans, we are unique in that we create just for the sake of creating, but we design to serve a purpose. All the better if what we design is beautiful, but for something to be designed, it must serve a purpose. We like to say that the difference between art and design is that art can be everything, but the design must be something. At BS LLC, we design with purpose to create purpose brands.  We design with enduring style to make an impression that stands the test of time. 

BS LLC offers branding, strategy, and design solutions because we believe that businesses operate at their highest growth potential when guided by a holistic set of values and goals. 

If you would like to learn more about how BS LLC can help you grow from the inside out, please send us a message or give us a call.  Additionally, you can take an in-depth look at our services and resources.