2 minutes

How to BS, No. 1: How to Conduct a Client Workshop

One of the differentiators between great agencies (and that goes for internal versus external) is the ability to lead a successful client workshop. Part theatre, part therapy session, and a very big part classroom, the workshop can provide as many benefits for you, the leader, as it does for your audience or client.

In this short-ish video, BS LLC’s Research & Strategy Analyst, Sam Lowe explains the four big parts of conducting a successful workshop. After explaining what a workshop isn’t and why you’d want to conduct one in the first place, he briefly covers:

  1. Stating the desired outcome to get everyone aligned
  2. Gathering the decision-makers (because a consensus of the non-empowered just makes more work for everyone later)
  3. Design your workshop with engagement and participation in mind (because lectures are boring and generally don’t inspire action!) 
  4. And finally, sharing the actionable outcomes to ensure all the good vibes turn into profitable activity that moves the project forward

The video contains a real-world example of how BS LLC used a client workshop to help define a visual direction where 2 different personas were in play. Good stuff!

About the Author:

Sam Lowe conducts research to help build full-featured road maps and strategies for BS LLC clients ranging from hospitality to healthcare and manufacturing to high tech. He’s also delightfully addicted to 2-wheeled vehicles, classical music, and fine teas.