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5 Things We've Done to Prep for a Holiday Break

December means deadlines: it’s finding the perfect gifts; it’s all the projects coming to an end; it’s a potential for one heaping serving of stress. But don’t worry! We think we’ve got the holidays figured out this season. Here are some of the things we’re doing in order to stay on top of it all:

1. Closure Contact

First off, we like to give our clients the gift of clarity. Around this time of year, it’s pretty standard to expect business closures. We make sure to send out an email that clearly defines when we will and will not be available. We feel strongly about the necessity of time off, and our clients need to know when they’ll be able to get in contact with us again. Not to mention, when we give enough of a notice, we avoid cramming minute projects and requests, which will alleviate some of the holiday stress. 

2. Defining 2023 Goals With Clients

The new year is a great time to create new goals; however, in order to increase the likelyhood of success, you need to take the time to actually align to those goals before the start of the next year. Each year at the end of fall and start of winter, we sit down with our clients to talk about what they hope to accomplish in the new year. This invigorates us to create the best work we can while giving our clients the comfort of knowing that we have a plan to get them there. Better still if you can align this process to your client’s budgeting season. 

3. Holiday Gifting

We love to send holiday gifts and greetings to clients. Each year, our design team creates a personalized card and email that expresses our appreciation for our clients’ trust and continued partnership. Brainstorming holiday card ideas is also one of our favorite team bonding activities. Last year, everyone on our team designed cards out of woodblock prints with festive colors and patterns so that each client received a unique design. This year, our senior designer, Liam, created a holiday sweater-esque card that we hope spreads lots of cheer. We love to see our office turn into Santa’s (and Hannukkah Harry’s) workshop, replete with gifts and paper and various colorful objects that evoke a sense of joy and warmth. 

4. Get Festive on Socials

When you log onto Instagram (or any other social platform) during December, you expect to see holiday cheer spread throughout your feed. We’ve found that it’s a lot more fun when you just lean into it. Last year was the first year we created special holiday graphics to close out the year, and we’ve got something in the works again this year. We make sure to include a representation for each holiday so that everyone feels the love. Something new we’re trying this year is a spread of “the year in review” posts. Before starting the new year, we plan to reflect on the previous months to appreciate the work we accomplished. Taking time to reminisce allows us to hone in on areas we can approve in the new year.

5. The Office Holiday Party

It might take a while to get everyone’s schedules aligned, but you cannot neglect the office holiday party. At BS LLC, we know how to throw a good party: food for everyone to enjoy, a festive gift exchange, and lots of wine (if you know our co-founder, Sebastien, then you know there will be wine). The holiday office party is an essential part of team bonding and company culture. It’s important to show the team how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year.

We put together this little list as a helpful guide for other boutique businesses that might be feeling overwhelmed. The keys: organize the chaos into bite-sized chunks, create experiences and objects people will love and remember, and reach out and communicate the gratitude you feel for your team members, clients, and supporters.