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Branding is Never Done

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The Brand Continuum

Our triangle connects the three big categories of work that we think should (and do) exist in an infinite dialogue with one another; categories that give shape to a brand.

These disciplines or categories are:



We develop a strategy that informs the creation of an identity that defines and gives shape to an experience. Experiences give rise to lessons or insights or observations, which reinforce or eat away at strategy, which must always inform and underpin identity, giving rise to new experiences. As Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri said, “And on it goes, this thing of ours.” This means our work is never done and our eyes should be open to “being wrong” or changing tack or improving.

No matter what anyone tells you, a brand is not just a logo, a social media post, or packaging. A brand is as dynamic and malleable as the customers that embrace it and the organization that offers it. All of this means it’s okay to think outside your lane and take cues from other practices and disciplines. A brand is like a garden; it needs to be tended in context with its environment.

Brand Description: