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Use Inbound Marketing to Reach and Nurture Your Audience

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What are the benefits of executing inbound marketing this way?

The primary benefit of using the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology is that it helps you attract a more significant number of qualified leads and convert them into customers. Creating and distributing content of genuine value and relevance to your target audience can draw in prospects already interested in what you offer. 


But that’s not all. With a commitment to providing helpful and engaging content throughout the customer journey, you begin to nurture higher-value leads, build relationships, and encourage loyalty. Over time you should expect larger, regular, and more frequent purchases. Finally, you can create a positive customer experience and foster long-term customer relationships.


To do this successfully, you really need to know your customer…

Attracting new customers really is a “like for like” proposition. Offer content that you know from research is of value to potential customers. Help them solve a real problem or clear a real obstacle.

How do you Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight customers with content?


You can attract customers with content by creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to your target audience. This could include blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and other content formats designed to draw in prospects and help them solve problems. 



You can convert leads into customers by providing helpful and engaging content that is tailored to their needs. This could include case studies, product demos, and other content designed to help leads make an informed purchase decision.



You can close customers by providing helpful resources and content to help them make the most of their purchases. This could include user guides, FAQs, and other content that is designed to help customers get the most value out of your product or service.



You can delight customers by providing content tailored to their needs and interests. This could include personalized emails, product recommendations, and other content that is designed to help customers get the most out of their relationship with your brand.

Research, deploy, evaluate, and re-deploy

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we’ve discovered ways to use this power tool across the entire content marketing lifecycle to amplify the “inbound” component. Here’s how.



HubSpot can be used to research and analyze customer data to identify trends, preferences, and opportunities. This could include tracking website traffic to see which content and pages are performing the best, examining conversion rates to determine where customers are dropping off in the conversion funnel, and analyzing email open and click-through rates.




HubSpot can deploy campaigns and content across multiple channels. This could include creating targeted email campaigns, launching social media campaigns, and optimizing content for search engines.




HubSpot can be used to evaluate the performance of campaigns and content. This could include tracking metrics such as website traffic and leads generated, analyzing open and click-through rates for emails, and measuring the engagement of social media campaigns.




HubSpot can be used to redeploy campaigns and content based on the performance data that has been collected. This could include optimizing content for better results, testing different campaigns and formats, and adjusting targeting to ensure campaigns reach the right people. And one of the best parts of this process? It can be made highly automated, saving you and your team time, and ensuring that communications are timely to your prospects and customers.

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Hopefully, you’ll be able to sense from this article how committed we at BS LLC are to the HubSpot Inbound Marketing methodology. It’s compelling, it’s well-structured, and it works. If you’re struggling to build discipline and structure for your brand’s content marketing, give us 15 minutes. A short discovery call is all it takes to explore the possibilities.