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What is Growth Marketing?

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Marketing Channel Data
Capture. Nurture. Learn. Repeat.
Harmonizing Your Channels for Ongoing Helpfulness

Growth Marketing relies on all your data from marketing channels.

Your organization, no doubt, has many sales and marketing data acquisition points: social media, email, website, forms, sales data through your CRM, etc. Growth Marketing harnesses what’s working (and even what isn’t) in order to optimize the best channels for more clearly identified customer segments.

Without a dedicated tool (at BS LLC, we use HubSpot) this would be a monumental task. If you use HubSpot already, you are probably aware of its power in this regard. But are you using it to its full potential? By partnering with an official HubSpot partner agency like us, you’ll not only benefit from our branding, marketing, and creative expertise, but we can use HubSpot synergistically to evaluate and deploy on an extremely efficient level.

Capture. Nurture. Learn. Repeat.

It’s important to realize that growth marketing is not a linear process. It’s most definitely not one size fits all. It’s a process that demands experimentation. But here’s the important point: experimentation does not mean guesswork. When your data is robust, and your analytics are dependable, you can:

Segment your customers effectively.
Understand their path to hire.
Discover their needs along the path.
Bring them content that proves you understand the world they live in.
Offer specific solutions to specific customers when they need them most.
Provide the means to stay in contact with you.
Provide the means to share their successes with others.

Harmonizing Your Channels for Ongoing Helpfulness

Helpfulness might seem to be a strange word to use in a marketing context. However, one of the chief tenets of the HubSpot methodology is to provide real value by being genuinely helpful. This requires an intimate understanding of your customer, including what they want to accomplish, how they would accomplish it on their own if you weren’t there for them, and how their life will change once they include you.

With this understanding fueling your Growth Marketing methodology, your website, forms integration, calls to action, email, marketing, inside sales approach, and overall value offering enlarges your business and provides ongoing and growing value to your customers.

Truly, it’s a win-win for all involved.

That’s growth marketing.


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