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SEO Demystified: Powering Your Brand to the Top

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Keywords: Spilling the Beans

Unearthing the magic of SEO is like going on a treasure hunt, and the X that marks the spot? Keywords. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to figure out just how people stumble upon your business or ones like it online. This bit of digital detective work is what we call Keyword Research.


Just imagine we’re linguistic Sherlock Holmes, using our magnifying glass to understand the riddles of natural language used by your potential clients. We sift through words and phrases, ranking them based on popularity (how often they’re used), difficulty to snag (how hard it is to rank for them), and their potential to make people click on them (it’s all in the name – click-thru potential). This isn’t just a vocabulary exercise – it’s crucial for shaping your digital presence and sparking up advertising campaigns.


Next on our agenda, we roll up our sleeves and start crafting lingo based on what works for the top ten players on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) for each keyword. Think of it like we’re using them as a recipe for success, borrowing a pinch of their word count, a dash of semantically related keywords, a hint of tone consistency, a sprinkle of language density, some outbound links, internal links, and the all-important semantic hierarchy of on-page language – phew, among other secret ingredients.


But hang on a minute, we’re not just tech nerds, we’re also poets at heart. Ensuring a top-notch user experience goes hand in hand with our love for language, so we don’t let our tech talk overrun your brand’s voice. We run our prose through a Flesch-Kincaid analysis (think of it as a fitness test for language), to make sure it’s on point for your specific topic and maintains a steady tone of voice. And your brand’s unique voice? That’s held up as the VIP, just as important as our technical goals.


And guess what? This is just the start of our epic adventure in the land of SEO. Stay tuned, there’s plenty more fun to come!

Backlinking is the discipline of building networks with others to support each other's businesses. No need to overcomplicate it!

Boosting Your SEO: The Power of Backlink Development

Think of building web traffic as making friends at a party. Some people come up to chat because they’ve heard of you—let’s call them ‘Direct Traffic’. They know your name, they’re familiar with your brand, and they’ve come looking for you, either by typing your name directly into Google or entering your URL.


Then, there are the ‘Search Traffic’ folks. These guests find you in the crowd because they’ve overheard you talking about something they’re interested in—say, “concerts this weekend”. They’ve used keywords to find you among the masses, and this is where your SEO investment pays off.


Lastly, we have ‘Referral Traffic’. Just like a good word from a well-served client can bring more business your way, being a trusted content resource can earn you traffic from other websites. This kind of relationship building can be nurtured through successful PR campaigns and, crucially, through the development of backlinks.


Here at BS LLC, our SEO strategy isn’t complete without exploring the realm of backlinks. See, every industry is a bit like a community with its own local celebrities, or authoritative domains. When you’re recognized as an expert content creator, your website earns what we call ‘Domain Authority’ (DA), which is scored between 0-100—the closer to 100, the more authoritative your site is considered.


So, how do we go about building backlinks? It starts by identifying the top players, or authoritative domains, in your industry, particularly those associated with certain keywords. From there, we devise a strategy to earn valuable backlinks from these top-tier sites.

In essence, backlink development is all about networking, about forging connections. In the early days, some tried to cheat the system by buying loads of backlinks from counterfeit websites. But search engines have wised up, and they don’t fall for such tricks anymore.


By aligning your website with others that have high DA, you boost your own DA and improve your organic search visibility. We also conduct a thorough review of all the websites currently linked to yours, pruning away any harmful domains that could be dragging your DA score down. It’s all part of our holistic approach to SEO strategy!

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Diving into the Candy Box: SERP Treats and the Magic Wand of Local SEO

Get ready to dive into the fascinating whirlpool that is the SERP – or the Search Engine Results Page. Picture this: you’re hunting for the “best pizza in Cincinnati” on Google, and voila! You’re showered with a glittering array of results. This sparkly spectacle you see? That’s what we call SERP features, and they’re like Google’s toolbox for answering your queries with dynamic results.


These ingenious tools allow us to give your ranking factors a jazzy makeover. Google and its buddies have crafted an intricate information system that works tirelessly to respond to your queries in the best way possible. These tools take many forms – Reviews, FAQs, ‘People Also Ask’, Image Search, Videos, Local SEO, and much more.


Think about it. You’re trying to master the noble art of origami swan folding, so you turn to Google for guidance. Google, in its infinite wisdom, would rather show you a step-by-step video tutorial than bombard you with a wordy article on origami paper types. It’s all about what helps you the most.


Armed with your target keywords, we roll up our sleeves and dive into the data, pinpointing which SERP features are consistently showing up in those coveted top ten spots for each keyword. From there, we carve out a clear, practical path to boost your keyword performance. It’s all about making smart moves to conquer the SEO game. Ready to level up? Let’s do this!

“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the linchpin of effective lead generation.”

Unleashing the Potential of Local SEO

In the age of hyper-connectivity, local SEO has taken on an increasingly important role in digital marketing. Google’s algorithm has evolved to place more emphasis on location-based services, reflecting an effort to provide the most relevant and convenient options for users. This approach is particularly relevant in the era of voice search. Data from Google reveals that “near me” searches have increased by over 500% in the past few years.


This trend is a testament to how users often ask their digital assistants location-specific questions like, “Where is the nearest gas station?”, “Which restaurants are open now?”, or “What’s the local news today?”. By incorporating geographical data into search responses, digital assistants can provide more accurate and personalized results. Consequently, there has been a surge in the necessity for well-integrated local search strategies.


Our team specializes in enhancing your local search presence. This involves refining various aspects of your digital footprint, from ensuring your website is locally optimized to aligning your social media platforms for location-specific interactions. The goal is to ensure that when relevant local searches are made, your business name is at the forefront.


The payoff? Research from GoGulf indicates that 72% of consumers who performed a local search visited a store within five miles. So, the right local SEO strategy doesn’t just put you on the map—it can directly drive foot traffic to your business.

SEO: The Ongoing Marathon, Not a Sprint

Think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as your lead generation superstar. Done right, it syncs your offerings with customer needs like a well-choreographed dance. Paired with a compelling brand story and a solid value proposition, it’s your fast track to sales. But remember, SEO isn’t a one-hit-wonder—it’s the rhythm that keeps playing.


Maintaining a robust digital presence is like tuning a fine instrument—it demands a steady SEO strategy, constant progress checks, pinpointing gaps and opportunities, and frequent fine-tuning. Not giving your all in this game? Your competitors will surely seize the opportunity.


Here at BS LLC, we see SEO as a key lead magnet. Our journey together starts with goal setting, followed by crafting a practical opportunity map and an action plan. Plus, we provide monthly support to ensure your digital presence gets the TLC it needs to shine.


This monthly care package includes managing your on-page SEO, backlink growth, and all related web platforms—think webmaster tools, local citations, XML sitemap development, SEO schema, and more. We tie ongoing activities to performance targets, revenue growth, and the search volume you’re aiming for.


But wait, there’s more! Besides our tactical SEO services, we offer UX design services to enhance website flow and user experience, website security and performance packages, and AMP-designed mobile sites for that all-important mobile-friendly user experience. Get ready to make some noise in the digital world!

BS LLC understands SEO as a business builder

SEO is art, science, and business discipline. It’s also a moving target; if you’re not dedicated to tracking the changes, you won’t get the most out of the practice. We encourage you to contact us for a brief conversation about your business goals. We’ll give you a frank assessment from our experienced point of view about your current SEO situation and a recommended course of action. Give us as little as 15 minutes, and we could change the trajectory of your business.


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