What is Brand Positioning Strategy?

Positioning is the corner of the market a brand occupies. A brand positioning strategy is the tools used to communicate this to the target audience. Some of the ways brand positioning is developed are through naming, the visual identity, and analysis of the competition.

The most important aspect of brand positioning is the target audience. Naming and visual identity cannot be determined without first understanding who the target audience is. In markets where there are many different options, brand positioning also helps to understand why a brand is better than the competition.

Take a look at the wine aisle of your local grocery store. The bottles that sell have developed a brand strategy to make sure that the target market picks up their bottle. The brand experience for a top-shelf bottle of wine is going to be entirely different than a reasonably priced bottle. The top-shelf bottle may appeal more to an older audience with a sophisticated french name and soft color palette. While the bottom shelf wine will have a catchier name and might have bolder graphics. Someone who might not know a lot about wine will be more likely to reach for it on a shelf of many options.