What is Collateral Production?

What is Collateral Production?

Collateral production is the selection, detailing, and creation of items produced for your brand. This could be SWAG, ie, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel made for your brand. It is also materials used to help market and sell your business and services. For instance one-pagers, brochures, business cards, pens, paper items. It also includes the digital tools used to support your brand, for instance, websites, landing pages, web apps, and mobile phone apps, email marketing templates, and more.

At BS LLC we see collateral production as a design and management effort. Often at the launch of a new brand, companies will produce many of the above assets. The resulting process oversees dozens of independent timelines of which need to be met with technical specificity and deal with supply chains.

We seek to create long-term relationships with our production vendors, frequently working with them to improve the process and the quality of the output. Over the years of business, we have worked closely with clients and production partners to produce thousands of collateral items.

If you select collateral production in your service agreement, our team of Project Managers will utilize one of our hand-selected production partners to create one-of-a-kind branded collateral that not only looks beautiful but serves to enhance your brand strategy in a deliberate and meaningful way.