Unlike art, the purpose of design is to solve problems. Design achieves its goals by understanding an intended future state and using a set of tools to achieve its goals. The tools available to design are visual communication & graphic (logos, artwork, typography, & color), user experience (how you navigate a product or experience), environmental design (the look and feel of the space around you), and material (substrates & more).

You can think of design as a cultivated experience for the five senses. In that way, a restaurant is one of our cultures’ great expressions of design, marrying touch, taste, visual, environmental, material, and more.

Design helps its creators and consumers think differently. It opens up clearer paths of communication. It reduces waste & improves productivity. Good design makes you feel better by way of simplicity, understanding, and beauty.

There are many different specialties within the field and can range from micro-details to environmental experiences. Some such fields are: fashion design, interior design, UX/UI design, photography, graphic design, product design, web design, material design, the list goes on. Each of these sub-specialties can support the creation of a new brand.