What is Disaster Response?

Disaster response is the decisions and statements made by a company to try to reduce harm from or fix a mistake or other disaster caused by that company. Disaster response and disaster mitigation is a sub-category of Public Relations. The practice dovetails with reactive marketing techniques.

The community and local or federal government are involved in dealing with emergencies/disasters that have widespread impact, the company or corporation will be concerned with the assets of a business and its ongoing operation. Companies must prepare by creating and keeping plans updated for sustainability during and after disasters. Organizational leadership should create and drive the plan, with human resource playing a key role in the personnel organizational preparedness of the plan. HR planning is crucial to disaster response plans. The organization invested in workforce planning to anticipate worker skills and competencies, so HR should also anticipate how changes due to disaster response will affect those plans. Part of the planning process should outline resources, information on how employees may be deployed into other areas of the workforce should certain workgroups not have the adequate staffing due to illness, death or travel restrictions. The workforce planning component should also identify training needs so that the staff is adequately prepared to take on additional duties in emergencies.