What are File Extension Formats?

What are File Extension Formats?

File extension formats are the letters at the end of a file name that designate what type of file it is and what program to open and edit the file within.

A few examples of file extension formats are:

.ai = Adobe Illustrator. This file can be used by people who need “vector files” to create ads or branded material. This means that the image can be resized without altering the design.

.svg = Another vector file by a different company.

.pdf = document that can be translated across multiple types of applications or platforms, a common type of file extension formats.

.gif = for images, especially animated images like the bull image in BS LLC’s email footers

.png = for images, similar to .gif but cannot be animated. Image has a transparent background for us on websites

.jpeg = Photo file that can be shared easily

.eps = a vector file to be used on websites