What are Recommended Browsers?

What are Recommended Browsers?

We have compiled a list of recommended browsers for maximum compatibility online:

Google Chrome 84+
Mozilla Firefox 73+
Apple Safari 13+

Google Chrome 83+
Apple Safari 13+

Why does my website look different on different browsers?
How the browser interprets the page, your OS (operating system), and your display resolution could all affect how websites’s look on the browsers you are using. For more information, click here.

Why you shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer:
CVE-2019-1367 | Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Internet Explorer Incompatible With Everything
Internet Explorer Virus Can Take Over Your Entire PC

Microsoft has discovered a new IE vulnerability that can take over your entire PC, which is a big reason for not using it as your recommended browsers.

According to the statement from Microsoft:
A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that the scripting engine handles objects in memory in Internet Explorer. The vulnerability could corrupt memory in such a way that an attacker could execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the current user. If the current user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could take control of an affected system. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.
In a web-based attack scenario, an attacker could host a specially crafted website that is designed to exploit the vulnerability through IE and then convince a user to view the website, for example, by sending an email. The security update addresses the vulnerability by modifying how the scripting engine handles objects in memory.