Arcadia Towers

Arcadia Towers is making waves. Its hard to call them a startup considering their combined half-century of experience in telecommunications infrastructure development, tower leasing, and municipal finance, but the small team at AT is anything but green.


When we set about designing their graphic identity, we began with a complete audit of the experience of working with them to understand what exactly they deliver. Like many niche technical businesses, theirs involves a million details, the complexity of negotiating complicated relationships and highly regulated processes. They build, manage, and connect. They help communities expand their coverage. They help carriers expand their market share. They help property owners unlock value. These insights led us to a string of words that became the brand tagline: all of the above.

The brand mark’s icon, with its clear reference to waves or a Wifi signal, is directed upwards, signifying growth, but rooted in the service they deliver. Their color palette, with its rich dark hues of blue and purple, is as unique to the telecom industry as is their ultra-hands-on service and use of technology for their carrier customers. We kept it simple with their type: clear and legible hierarchies that instill trust and confidence, clear vision and strong follow-through. We continue to work with the team at Arcadia Towers on a comprehensive marketing strategy attacking their four strategic areas of growth: wireless carriers, commercial property owners, school districts, and municipalities.

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