As ArkMalibu grows from a Cincinnati boutique to a regional presence in M&A consulting with additional staff and leadership, they sought to refresh their primary messaging to better reflect their strategic position in the marketplace, communicate their true value proposition, and underscore their enduring point of difference.



The resulting website and collateral set is an activation of our creative positioning of ArkMalibu’s colors and brand assets. We employed floods of color, responsive motion and updated typography as a reflection of ArkMalibu’s creative and unique approach to the process of bringing companies to market with a focus on the company’s irreplicable culture as much as their financial upside.

ArkMalibu is currently using their new value proposition to pitch potential clients and the elegant and bold website assists in confirming and validating their choice.

One Pager

Our research netted four specific areas of strategic differentiation that aligned with customer needs as well as internal values: loyalty to the seller, senior-level service, creative valuation process, and psychological coaching. We structured the messaging around these needs and re-wrote all forward-facing copy to incorporate our insights into customer and brand archetypes.

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