Cincy Nice

Develop a simple but striking modal identity for black artist collective, Cincy Nice. Launched as an activation during Cincinnati’s city-wide immersive light projection mapping festival, BLINK, Cincy Nice has evolved into a platform for meaning-makers, pushing the boundaries of and connections between the artistic, the political, and the personal.


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Brand Guidelines

Cincy Nice Social House

The Cincy Nice leadership team gathered together in the BS offices for a three-hour conversation about their vision for an event that would pull together the collective resources of some of our city’s most envelope-pushing creatives, thinkers, designers, and musicians. The goal was to show the city what home-grown talent could create given limited time and resources.

In the spirit of the project, the brand identity for Cincy Nice was created in a one-day design sprint, featuring a simple, bold mark with ultra-bright assets like floral patterns and oblong shapes to highlight the individuality and diversity of the creatives making Cincy Nice happen.