Decibel Korean Fried Chicken

Decibel Korean Fried Chicken is the gut child of two of the hardest working dudes we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Founders Kam Siu and Mapi De Veyra came to us with a recipe for lip-smacking, ear-drum shattering, twice-fried Korean-style fried chicken and told us they wanted to build a brand that they could take on the road. Naming was easy—what’s loud and hits different: and so Decibel was born.


Our visual cues and inspiration came from the shake-it-up scenes of punk, rap, street art, and skateboarding—influences and near and dear to Kam and Mapi’s childhoods. In some ways, we let the brand design itself: funky character illustrations, striking colors, and assertive but playful type. A vital counterpoint to the standout loudness is the brand’s ability to connect broadly. 

There is inherently nothing more satisfying and intoxicatingly pedestrian than fried chicken. It soothes, it fills, it excites with heat, salt, and spice. Decibel is a place for everyone: a remedy for hangovers, a destination to satisfy cravings, a second but potentially much louder living room, served up with style, at our place or yours.

With the design, we intend to invite. We make it accessible. Easy to read, easy to find, recognizable. When you blend hot vibes with cool folks, you need a temper. Decibel’s brand does just that with easy-to-read technical fonts and pleasing color palettes that wrap all that freshness in a warm and fuzzy blanket. 

Let’s talk about the bird. When we presented logo options, there was an immediate gravitational pull towards this custom-illustrated fiery character and we had to temper our desire to slather it on everything.

We wanted to give this brand a sense of the unexpected, like its glass-shattering crunch, Decibel is meant to bring something different into the act of eating fried chicken. We often find the unexpected in goose eggs. Hidden moments that deliver a sense of joy—creating a sticker package of alternate marks gave us a lot to work with in terms of creating these fun touchpoints.

Thanks to the always on-point work of Team B, the interior at Decibel’s Walnut Hills location is unlike any other, a masterful translation of brand to experience.

Go get you some Decibel and taste the crunch.


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