Pink Cash Cow

Pink Cash Cow is the sibling biz to real estate entrepreneur, Yiwei Cheng’s Piece of Home Stays. PCC offers what we call “set-it-and-forget-it” property management services for people, well, like herself, who own short-term rental properties with a lot of turn over. PCC’s team takes care of the details and the heavy lifting while her customers collect revenue and watch their property values increase.

Developing a simple identity for PCC was fairly straightforward: the name says it all. We focused in our friendly cow mascot and developed a number of riffs and iterations for Yiwei to react to. Some were too serious, too austere, others too childlike and playful. We landed on an inviting and youthful emblem that translates really well across medium from signage to business cards to digital applications. The rest of the system, from the vibrant pink and deep blue, to the highly readable sans-serif type, pretty much designed itself. Again, with this brand, less was more—she needed a package and system that could easily be applied to her platforms so she could start growing her audience and converting revenue.


Business Cards