Sixteen Bricks

Ryan Morgan is a heavy-metal-listening, motorcycle-riding workaholic with an extreme passion for baking artisan bread. He opened a small bakery servicing only restaurants in 2013 and has since exploded with growth and popularity. He has expanded to national grocers and retailers with an updated visual and verbal identity our team developed over the course of nine months.


The brand highlights both the integrity of the makers, as well as their eccentric personalities. The voice speaks to the new national audience of wholesale purchasers as well as the end-consumer, whose tastes are becoming more nuanced. From a positioning perspective, our goal was to create an identity unique to the bread game.


“BS does their homework and gets it done. They got inside my head, they know where we came from and where we’re going. The brand they created speaks to who we are as a team, what we create together, and the people who choose to buy our bread. The new brand has helped us push into the national market and set ourselves apart from the competition. That was the goal from the beginning, and they killed it.”
-Ryan Morgan
Owner Sixteen Bricks Bakery

Business Cards

Tape, Stickers, Bread Catalog,
Leave Behind Flyer

Film Photography

action historical bread maker portrait photography

Chefs & Bread Series

The photographic style for 16B features gritty overlays and natural distressing. Hand-drawn illustration and handwritten bakers notes accent the brand as well as older typographies and organic color palettes. The brand is designed around the idea that bread-baking is an ancient craft, but the modern day practitioners are anything but conservative.

Chef Stephen Williams – Bouquet

Chef Ryan Santos – Please

Chef Tod Kelly – Orchids

Chef Evan – Pleasantry

Chef Chase Blowers – 8th & English

Chef Nino Lorento – Panino


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Sixteen Bricks
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Sixteen Bricks