The groundwork was laid in 2018 with naming and brand work. An early effort for talent acquisition vested the team with 50% new team members and a dramatic incremental skill increase. 


Our efforts then turned to inbound marketing. We developed a best-in-class web presence. Visually stunning and technologically adept, the new digital tool scored them 1st place among all competition for primary transactional keywords, driving 1-2 Sales Qualified Leads per week.


The result was a tripling revenue and a 200% increase in the customer portfolio. The inbound effect outstripped their ability to keep up operationally.  The inbound results carry on to this day.

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From Rebrand to Refurbish


After the primary digital overhaul, we worked with Empower to design employee gathering spaces focusing on the vision & values to unify employees under socialized goals and direction.  The team increased its retention rate through these activities and leadership’s focus on best-in-class compensation. The result is better operational throughput and an increase in market share.

Adapting the Model


In 2022, Empower landed a large-scale automation project with German Manufacturer White Drive. We designed a co-branded micro-manufacturing space in the collaboration ceremony to celebrate the partnership. The effort is an initial touchpoint on an innovative new market pursuit. Specifically, the ability for Empower to service high-volume automated shaft projects for mid and large-market manufacturers without cannibalizing their bespoke business. Creating this co-branded environment is essential to attracting the right customers for the right solution positioning both brands to grow at scale.

Building Better Leads


In 2023, we’ve teamed up with Empower to create scalable sales infrastructure & sales processes. The goal was to accelerate marketing qualified leads, improve lead quality, build a scalable process that was transparent for continuous improvement. 


Our Sales consulting process identified opportunities for technology to automate 70% of the sales process, enabling 40+ % of human resources time savings


The visually mapped sales process allowed us to define and map Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), enable sales pipeline management, build lead nurturing techniques, automate sales activities and follow-ups, and build a sales cadence. 


The tech provides transparency into sales losses and wins, measures team and individual sales performance, and enables sales impact measurement. Comprehensive data collection allows 360 reporting: actionable data for continuous improvement.


Customer First Marketing


In addition to Sales Tools, we consolidated the technology stack,  rolled a company wide customer-firstCRM, and stewarded the change management implementation and steward the requisite change management, which included education paths and ongoing customer support.

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