Tablespoon Cooking Co.

Tablespoon hosted hands-on cooking classes and culinary events in a shared kitchen incubator until founder Jordan Hammons decided to design and build a home of her own. With her fresh space came a desire for a fresh look. We set to work understanding Jordan’s unique approach to demystifying the kitchen through cooking classes that are actually fun. The result is a timeless identity salt and peppered with bright surprises.


To refresh Tablespoon’s primary mark we sought to retain a hand-made feel, while providing greater flexibility and legibility. The updated mark plays on the abbreviated parlance of cookbooks while striking a sophisticated balance for Tablespoon’s savvy yet fun-loving audience.

Visual Identity  

The logomark’s modular design allows the “Tablespoon Cooking Co.” text to fall away for scaled-down applications.

For a secondary typographic system, we sought to create illustrative letterforms out of fun, fresh and recognizable foods. We used the concepts of buoyancy, brightness, and collage, to emulate the imperfections inherent to foods—the flesh of the fruit, the color variations of onions—that make each item of produce, meat, or fish so unique. We used markers, pens, and crayons to create layered rainbows of color and texture. The concept was to use rudimentary or childlike artistic expressions to create a playful yet refined experience—like attending a cooking class.


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