Tequila Ocho

Our client, Samson & Surrey, the owners of several high-quality boutique spirits, approached us with a challenge: we want you to create a digital experience that honors the generations-old traditions of the family that produces Tequila Ocho. Aside from the traditional goals of product-positioning, functional information, and pointing customers where to buy, the goal was to immerse the audience into Tequila Ocho’s world of pure blue agave.

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When we asked our client what made their tequilas special, they spoke of purity, origin, and flavor profile, but the thing that stuck out to us was this: Tequila Ocho is the bartender’s secret weapon, the spirit they reach for when they’re unwinding after a shift, or when a customer asks them to make a drink with something tasty they’ve probably never tried. It’s inspiring to work with a client that invests the time, effort, and resources into high quality visual and verbal assets. We wish we could take credit for the gorgeous branding and photography housed within the digital property we recently built and launched, but they are the work of many talented hands, minds, and eyes. A huge shoutout to Higley Design for creating an identity with so much depth and story. And to Samson and Surrey for trusting us with their digital vision for a beverage website unlike any other.

For marquee storytelling pages, we used scrapbook-style overlays, load effects, and a light parallax to give the content dimensionality and allow the photography to jump out of the screen. The impact is at once simple and alluring.

A significant amount of effort went into the product display pages in order to give each bottle the perfect amount of light, shadow, and depth in order to achieve dimensionality against the custom illustrated backgrounds.