Wodka Bar

Create strategy and a visual identity for Wodka Bar, a place built on stories, memories and love. With the conviviality and vibrancy of zakuska as our guiding light, we sought to create a brand with a taste of old country.

Wodka Bar embodies a modern interpretation of an idealized past—the memory of a memory projected onto a vibrant future. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Eastern European folk art, Polish embroidery and wood carvings, the brand seeks to bring the look of old country to every part of the Wodka Bar experience.


Wodka Bar rustic color system, light yellow, creme, light orange, scarlet, forest green, light forest green

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Wooden Tasting Flight Boards

Photography & Videography

Exterior Signage

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Scanned image of Esquire Magazine featuring Wodka Bar


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Wodka Bar
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Wodka Bar