Wednesday February 8, 2017 Article

Date set for opening of 8th and English in O’Bryonville

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Photograph of Chase Blowers

Polly Campbell | Cincinnati Enquirer

First of all, it won’t serve English food. And it’s not on 8th Street. 8th & English is a restaurant preparing to open in O’Bryonville that will serve seafood with a commonsense approach to healthy eating. Chase Blowers, its chef and owner, plans to open in late February in the space that was most recently Emilia Enoteca.

Blowers is a native of Harrison who spent six years at Boca, and was its chef de cuisine before it moved Downtown. He’ll take an Italian approach to seafood, including dishes like a Sardinian seafood stew, fresh anchovies, spaghetti bottarga and old-school calamari. He hopes a signature dish will be his hot-smoked trout with tomato beurre blanc and trout roe.