Tuesday September 3, 2019 Article

First look at Goose and Elder: Here’s the dish you have to try at the new OTR eatery

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Polly Campbell | Cincinnati Enquirer

I don’t want to confuse you, but when you go to Goose and Elder, be sure to get the duck.

Jose Salazar just opened his casual cafe across from Findlay Market and I had the duck when I ducked in for a quick early visit.

It’s duck confit, so a thigh and drumstick that’s been slowly cooked to melting tenderness. But it’s the skin that amazes. It’s sort of a cross between duck confit and chicken under a brick. It’s flattened, as it gets under a brick, which makes for a completely crisp skin. It’s duck cracklings, basically, and just beautifully crisp and rich. Usually, it’s just one little part of skin that’s this good, but this is every bit of it. It’s served on rich grits with greens. Nice.