Thursday March 28, 2019 Article

Great Lakes by Design | Experiential Art

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R.Collins | GLBD writer

“I needed people who could translate me into a design and brand. It all needed to be made into a cohesive brand from the website to the wallpaper. That was my biggest focus: creating this brand from the check presenter to the [home] page,” Blowers said.

Apart from his musical background, Blowers developed an affinity for careful refinement and traditional dining during his time at Boca, a concept launched by Cincinnati-based Boca Restaurant Group. During his tenure, Blowers formed a relationship with Sebastien Hue, now co-founder of Cincinnati-based brand and marketing firm, BS LLC. From the firm’s experiential focus and creative energy, Blowers realized the team of Hue and Co-Founder Ben Greenberg at BS LLC would be the right outfit for the job based on similar tastes and backgrounds.