Developing a robust brand identity design is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those prone to oversimplification. Brands today live in a complicated world comprised of concentric circles of culture, media, and customer needs. How do you create a unified brand identity when individuals and groups with different needs access your brand through so many different means? Work with BS LLC and find out how your brand equity can be bolstered with superior identity design.


The purpose of brand architecture and portfolio strategy is to organize a company’s multiple brands in a way that maximizes consumer clarity, aligns with the company’s business strategy, and maximizes market value. In most cases, this process is required following acquisitions or significant organic growth in the brand portfolio. The need for a brand architecture may also be triggered by the introduction of new products or services, expansion into new markets, rebranding, or a brand refresh, or when the current brand structure does not reflect the company’s vision.


Strategic branding is far more than a creative or expressive exercise for us at BS LLC. As a B2B brand strategy agency, we blend research, business planning, marketing, and creativity for your brand to achieve strategic aims. It involves understanding your customer’s needs and desires, managing perceptions of the brand in the marketplace, and developing a positioning strategy to differentiate it from its competitors. Strategic branding also requires effective communication of key messages through visual elements like logos, color palettes, typography, etc., and verbal elements like taglines and slogans arranged and targeted in a clear and structured manner.


Naming a brand or product is one of the most challenging — and even spiritual processes we undertake at BS LLC. You could be forgiven for thinking that brand naming is entirely organic or creative. But at BS LLC we start with research and proceed through contextual brainstorming, feasibility, and refinements. Like everything else we do related to brand development, it’s a rigorous, disciplined process with the most significant long-term gains in mind.


Why should any client choose BS LLC to solve graphic design needs in a crowd-sourced and AI-generated world? In a word: relevance. Our designers understand your business context, and our design is always strategically-driven. Like each of our other service offerings, graphic design at BS LLC starts with research: we seek to understand the context wherein your brand and your customers will meet. We design everything from websites to packaging to fit dynamically within this well-understood space.

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Onboarding takes shape over the course of several sessions and workshops designed to ensure alignment to goals and objectives, scope of work, vision, and timeline. We discuss risks and obstacles and how to overcome them. We shake hands and high-five and move forward from a shared place of purpose and a transparent path forward.


No two branding projects possess the same research pathway, but generally speaking, when we perform research in service of developing a brand strategy, we look deeply at the core product, customers served, compeititon, and cultural context. We often build personas for both the customer as well as the brand, and frame competitive insights both in terms of qualitative messages and quantitative share-of-voice.

Creative Development

What we learn during onboarding and research informs your brand’s best innate expression and defines your ideal customer. Where these two meet defines identity. An identity consists of a combination of words, shapes, and colors providing an endless array of possibilities. Proper brand strategy provides the boundaries within which we explore worlds, including, but not always limited to, logos, wordmarks, image marks, icons, typography, colors, language, illustration, photographic treatment, and layout systems. These are the paints of the branding paintbrush and together, we will explore their application to your brand’s vessel.


We build with craft in mind. The previous steps lead us to the best production methods to express your brand identity. Production is the phase during which we have the pleasure of applying your identity to the vehicles that will help you grow and amplify your message. Websites, printed matter, banners, apparel, and any applicaton you can dream up, we can create it or find someone who can help us bring it to life.


When all is researched, designed, and launched, we step back to examine the experience — and think about how we can improve upon it. At the end of all of our projects we ask our clients to get back together to review the work performed.


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BS LLC has exquisite taste – They understand how to be creative, fresh, and high-end without feeling cliched. They are small, attentive, and really are true to themselves. I loved this about them.

Louisa Gehring – Gehring Travel

We have worked with the BS LLC team on several different projects. Each time they brought a unique approach and we are very pleased with the results. The team listens and ask questions to acquire information needed to successfully bring your vision to life. Thank you BS LLC! We look forward to working with you again!

Ann Salazar – Government Strategies Group

Branding can be a scary and intimidating word for a business. What is it? Who needs it? How can I trust the people who are doing it for me? Having been through the branding process with several companies in my career, I feel that BS have the unique qualities of being immensely talented and knowledgeable while also being inviting, open and engaging with their clients about the entire process. They help to make the branding collaborative rather than alienating, fun instead of convoluted. The quality of their work is outstanding, their creativity is seemingly boundless and their team is always professional and transparent.

Lauren Fisher – BLDG 20