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There is something undeniably meta about writing… about copywriting. And there’s nothing we at BS love more than a meta-moment. Little known fact (mostly because we don’t tell people), but BS started as a copywriting side-hustle for founders with wanderlust. The goal was to raise enough money to travel to Japan. Never happened. Instead, we built a business. Now you see what good copy can do. 

The problem with copy is that almost everyone in the business world can write, and so they think copy is easy, intern-work, get someone to do it, and don’t fret about it. We wish you the best of luck. 

What is copywriting? Better yet, what is good copy? 

Advertisements, taglines, a call to action—all copy. The “About Us” section on your website, a social media post about your COVID policy, that little blurb on the menu about where the vegetables come from—copy, copy, and copy. Copywriting can be nuanced poetry, unfolding like a piece of origami, or it can be a bullhorn to the brain, a one-two punch of “this is what I want you to know!”  Whatever the medium, whatever the mode, the message must succeed in its goal, whether that’s to move people, to make them pay attention, or to communicate a vital piece of information. The difference between good copy and bad copy is simply whether or not the copy achieves its intended goal. 

Website Copywriting 

Once we’ve created or refreshed a brand for a client, the first step in bringing the brand to life is almost always a website. Websites can be complicated beasts, but they don’t have to be for you, that’s why you hired us. A website for a brand is an interactive advertisement and storefront, it’s a digital beacon, a billboard you can click on. Great websites combine beautiful and seamless design with engaging language that makes you want to keep reading.

Writing copy specifically for websites is perhaps the purest example of the marriage between art and science BS aims to achieve. Of course, we want the language for our client’s websites to be effective and impactful, tell a story, evoke a feeling, or spur action. But sound and sense are but one side of the process, the other is understanding how the words we choose to put on our clients’ websites are read by Google and other general online search platforms (yes, there are actually other options besides Google). 

SEO Copywriting

SEO is the practice of ensuring your website is visible to the people searching online for the products and services you offer. Effective SEO copywriting begins with keyword research—what do people typically enter into Google when they’re searching for the kinds of things you do? 

Here’s the rub: you can’t just look up what your potential customers are searching so you can jam a bunch of bullet points in your website’s body copy—Google has become far too sophisticated for this basic-b strategy, which is called keyword stuffing. The next piece of the puzzle is developing a semantic structure within pages based on readability, uniqueness, and yes, strong use of keywords within H1’s, H2’s, body copy, meta tags, and page descriptions. SEO copywriting needs to be cohesive, needs to flow, needs to be real. It’s like a magic trick—the website visitor shouldn’t know it’s happening. 

The true differentiator for BS is our ability to navigate these logical and functional strategies while still maintaining the creative force and emotional resonance that truly connects with customers—great SEM is a game of tug-o-war between the left and right brain.

BS Writes Good Copy 

Our copywriting range includes creative marketing and advertising copy for digital and print platforms, press releases, social media, product labels and packaging, brand naming, long-form storytelling, and mission statements your employees will actually remember. Our goal in copywriting is always to create a gravitational pull, a connection that drives action. Hit us up and let’s talk about words.