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BS LLC helps firms develop marketing strategies to build brand equity and to promote the sales of their products or services.  

How do you build a marketing strategy? You begin with the research product/service, the customer, and the marketplace. These research processes are essential to the development of brand strategy & business strategy, the tools that help define your position and identity. 

Marketing is an open line of communication with potential and existing customers. It is the expression of your value proposition to the target audiences through various channels. Marketing plans are roadmaps or groupings of activities employed to achieve your marketing strategy

A good plan includes long-term and short-term marketing goals, objectives, and activities. These items are to be prioritized in order to maximize impact and effort and laid over a timeline that matches your goals. They need to include realistic budgets that give wings to visibility goals. Finally, the plan lays out content or proposed content across all mediums. These mediums could include digital marketing, print marketing, activation marketing, SEO strategy, content marketing, guerilla marketing, public relations, and more. 

Customer Experience Strategy

Our goal is to help companies develop life-long customer relationships. Our marketing activities and intent are tuned to customer lifetime value (CLV). The customer experience strategy process begins with a touch of business strategy, to evaluate your product or service value proposition. If your value prop is not legitimate, marketing dollars can be easily wasted. 

From here we audit the customer journey with an eye toward brand experience, priority communications, and psychology. We call out bottlenecks (processes or resources that have the highest amount of dependencies) and work to mitigate issues. 

Customer experience strategy is a marketing tactic of deep listening. It requires gathering feedback about the product and product usage experience. In the modern era, this feedback takes place over many mediums, some controlled others not. 

BS LLC helps build processes for listening and responding to customers 

Social Media Strategy 

A sub-strategy of digital marketing strategy, social media strategy is a marketing plan focused exclusively on social media platforms. This includes organic and paid activities aimed at target markets & target customers, including their respective budgets and content.

BS LLC helps articulate meaningful social media strategies and plans. We begin by researching the competitive landscape, looking at best-in-class models in the industry, and determine content strategies that allow you to communicate information to your customers that are relevant to their needs. 

Next, we work with clients to educate them on what is necessary to implement on each platform. We support these tutorials with video tutorials as leave-behinds, should you need to reference themes in the future. This may include a video of how to post a blog on your new website and tune it for SEO considerations. Our customer support team is always positioned to help should they be insufficient or you come across additional needs. 

Public Relations Strategy

Are brand awareness and referral traffic marketing strategy priorities? If the answer is yes, we may suggest public relations. PR is the process of informing the public of a product service or story via media. Sometimes called earned media, this process begins by the many stories identifying topical or relevant brand stories that pique the interest of media houses. In conjunction with your marketing efforts, PR strategy helps create referral traffic and build brand equity. 

BS LLC helps with story development, editorial outreach, and management, crisis management, 

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Search Engine Optimization Strategy / SEO Strategy

One of the most powerful inbound lead sources is a strong digital presence. SEO is the science of analyzing the marketplace to understand how you compete digitally and implementing to optimize your virtual presence. An analogy is real estate. Instead of brick and mortar buildings, we help businesses find the best digital real estate with quality in-roads and high traffic visibility to a target audience. In that way, we increase the traffic flow and interfacing with potential clients.  

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a time-tested sales methodology for creating new leads and maturing your relationship with current customers. We work with customers to develop email marketing platforms, integrate email platforms with websites and other digital tools, develop customer-type templates, implement campaigns, and more.

We are platform agnostic and can work with your existing CRM or email marketing platform, or build one from scratch.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Essential to all successful sales teams, the sales funnel helps to map current opportunities and produces a process to maximize the conversion of leads into customers.

We work with companies to audit all steps in their sales process. We map the process to determine which steps require human interfacing and which can be automated. We build collateral to support customer tensions at every step of the sales journey. We templatize high-volume tasks. We structure processes with transparent project management to ensure accountability and follow-through. We build tools to predict win rates and the sales line’s impact on current revenue to establish goals and by which to measure employee performance.

Once the process is audited and deployed, we can employ marketing techniques to increase the inflow of leads and test the new system.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is at the core of our brand and marketing strategies. Our robust process helps clients understand the competition, their comparative value proposition, where they have the opportunity to succeed, and the best marketing channels to achieve their goals. 

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PPC Strategy

Digital advertising is a powerful resource for companies with a great value proposition. Advertising tools by Google, Facebook, Linked In, and others offer flexible platforms with extremely targeted parameters and high-quality measurement. This allows us to employ advertising not only as an in-bound search but as a tool to improve the natural language used by the brand through extensive A/B testing. 

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