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Powerful marketing technology to support powerful marketing strategies.

Inbound Marketing is a customer-centric marketing methodology that revolves around the needs and preferences of the customers. By offering valuable content that resonates with customers, businesses can engage and captivate their audience, guiding them through every stage of their journey. In addition, Inbound Marketing helps businesses build trust and establish authority, leading to long-term loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. In today’s digital age, Inbound Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses looking to forge connections with their customers, delivering exceptional experiences that last.


Growth marketing uses data acquired through the customer acquisition process to nurture and develop leads into ongoing, repeat customers. This approach is dynamic; it’s guided by A/B testing to learn what messages, calls to action, and other experiences attract and convert to grow your business over time.

BS LLC recognizes that growth marketing isn’t a buzzword, it’s a nurture discipline. We use HubSpot to create a platform to easily publish content that expands upon it’s inbound marketing method. Where inbound primarily generates leads, growth marketing will manage customers through the funnel from opportunity to advocate. You’ll close more wins, and keep more customers coming back for more.


We are experts at getting our customers found on search. Schema markup, keyword research, gap analysis, backlinks, oh my. BS LLC covers all the SEO bases to ensure that your brand will be discovered when prospective customers are searching for solutions.

In fact we’re certified experts, with team wide certfications in SEO and Digital Marketing by SEMRush, Hubspot and Google.

BS LLC loves B2B. The rigor and discipline of helping businesses find and convert other businesses into customers is one of our favorite things to do. We’ve done it for clients ranging from hospitality to mechanical engineering, and we can do it for you, too.

By utilizing targeted and data-driven marketing strategies, B2B businesses can identify, attract, and retain high-quality clients, drive brand awareness, and achieve sustainable growth. At the heart of every successful B2B marketing campaign is a deep understanding of the target audience, their needs, and their buying journey, making it a critical component of any successful business strategy.

BS LLC can help your business define and locate your ideal consumer and put compelling, differentiated messages right where it’s imortant. Single or multichannel, we’ll create a balanced, brand-appropriate campaign to generate results.

Marketing directly to consumers requires numerous channels in order to attract leads. BS LLC uses HubSpot to not only make sense of what’s happening for your brand in each of these channels, but to actively manage deployment for the greatest return.

Live events, which include both in-person and virtual, can have a profound effect on your brand when they are rigorously executed. BS LLC is a turnkey solution for your event marketing needs. We can work with you to conceptualize, brand, market, launch, and follow-through after the event.

BS LLC leverages the powerful tracking and measurement capabilities of HubSpot to elevate your events from mere “feel good” happenings to genuinely productive business initiatives. From registration to social mentions, and attendee satisfaction to lead conversions, you’ll know exactly how impactful your event was for your business.

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Onboarding takes shape over the course of several sessions and workshops designed to ensure alignment to goals and objectives, scope of work, resources, and timeline. We discuss risks and obstacles and how to overcome them. We shake hands and high-five and move forward from a shared place of purpose and a transparent path forward.


No two marketing projects possess the same research pathway. Regardles, we look deeply at the core product, customers served, compeititon, and cultural context. We often build personas for both the customer as well as the brand, and frame competitive insights both in terms of qualitative messages and quantitative share-of-voice. We get a pulse check on what you’re doing now, your resources and capabilities, and your opportunities.


Gathering a mountain of research data is of no use without a way to distill it into profitable action. We have developed methodologies for identifying key data insights to drive your most profitable marketing approaches.


With research and synthesis in the can, we deliver a clean, focused set of insights tailored to the original business goals of the engagement and a roadmap for taking action.


No successful marketing efforts are ever “one and done;” they all evolve. At BS LLC, we review to advance.



Enhance your strategic thinking with our comprehensive Strategy White Paper. Delve into insights and approaches that catalyze business growth. Download your copy and begin your journey to sustainable success.



We hired BS LLC to help our organization execute a digital campaign for a new initiative we were launching. As with anything new and working for a small organization with limited resources, there was some adjusting and figuring it out as we went. The BS LLC team was diligent and provided great strategic guidance in defining target audiences and benefit/value messaging. Their leadership and ability to adapt to ensure the success of the project was invaluable. They are solutions-focused and dedicated to achieving remarkable results—we are grateful for all they helped us accomplish.

Danielle Wilson – Cincinnati Chamber

“All deliverables were on time and top notch. Intermediate dealines were all met. We werre very impressed by all aspects and specific details. BS has an amazing team that is talented and very insightful to the subtles in culture. Their creativity was on point and demonstrated a passion for not only what they do but what we do.”

Jim Beiting – Transitions, Inc

“Our new brand has been received really well by both our employees and our clients. As the owner of the company, I feel that they delivered exactly what I was looking for.”

Marina Gee – MG Media Creative

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