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Cincinnati Marketing Consultants & Digital Marketing Agency

BS LLC is a Cincinnati marketing firm with expertise in strategic marketing and digital marketing. We work on campaigns but specialize as an outsourced marketing department for small to mid-sized companies. Our growth mindset helps turn insights into action and action into data-driven performance. 

Outsourced marketing departments offer a strong value proposition. Internal teams with senior talent, content developers, engineers, analysts are expensive and complex to manage. We’re here to help reduce marketing department costs by 70+%

With 30+ years of experience in marketing strategy and strategic planning,  we are able to support your company’s growth and campaign objectives. Our work is defined by transparent planning, objective alignment, metric measurement, and unique flexibility to focus on both short and long-term strategies. Our team’s capacity also reaches beyond traditional marketing to business strategy, brand strategybranding, design, public relations, and more.

With an ROI focus, our marketing efforts prioritize getting customers into your sales funnel. That means a strategic marketing plan and its attending marketing goals that create an ideal competitive position and drive dollars to the bottom line. 

Because of our integrated approach, our team is able to support you from SWOT analysis to campaign launch, and then track impact.  We work closely with clients including frequent interfacing to ensure fluid communication and responsiveness. Our targeted marketing approach ensures that we steward your expectations, budget, and time. Our objectives are honed to defining and creating a competitive advantage. 

In addition to traditional digital marketing and advertising agency services—such as search engine optimization, social media strategy, word of mouth campaigns, content marketing,  digital marketing, email marketing, advertising, comps analysis, market segmentation, customer journey analysis, customer and target audience definition, customer service analysis, marketing plans—gulp…. In short, we have many techniques to help you solve problems. 

This includes website design services that are built to ensure compatibility with search indices and performant user experiences. Our web design strategy couples beautiful, brand-focused design with performance, security, and accessibility. 

Our SEO services are comprehensive and include local SEO, on-page SEO optimization, keyword & natural language research, copywriting, content generation citation development, tone of voice analytics, and more. 

Above all, we believe that marketing is a form of branded communication. Science must be balanced by style, tone of voice, and empathy. If marketing is the science of strategic interfacing, tone of voice, and content is the lure leading potential customers to discover your product benefits. 

We invite you to reach out and discuss your marketing needs. We’d love to define if we are a good fit.