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Public Relations Strategy

What is Public Relations?

According to Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer of PR, “The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people.”[3]

Historical record pins the birth of public relations is to Publicity Bureau in 1900. Modern PR, as developed in the 1920s, may be seen as a direct descendant of propaganda, or images and text employed as an argument to inculcate general opinion. These tactics were employed by the east and west in WW1 to engender domestic support and demonize enemies. 

In today’s world, Public Relations serve a similar master, though, the mediums of exchange, speed of exchange, and exchange dynamics have changed through the introduction of innovation. Chiefly this development is the product of new digital mediums and social media. 

BS LLC: Cincinnati PR Agency

From exciting launches to the not-so-fun COVID-19 communications, BS has managed Public Relations for startups and mid-sized companies. Our approach to PR is to tailor each story pitch to a specific publication or audience, work directly with editors and reporters to craft unique angles, and organize calendars and follow-up.

Our goal is to increase your brand’s awareness, primarily through earned media with the general public and/ or specific subsets of the market. Publica relations is a sub-strategy of brand and business strategy objectives identified to achieve your goals. 

Our public relations outreach is lead by relationships with newsmedia partners in the greater Cincinnati market. We’ve worked with b2b and b2c companies to develop PR strategies and execute them including story lead development, relationship & calendar management, and press release creation. As a fully integrated design and marketing firm, we also support PR efforts with tailored graphic design and marketing communication strategies. 

When do I need a Public Relations Specialist?

At large, PR supports the development of brand equity & brand awareness, necessary in the development of a purpose brand. However, there many uses of PR. We have listed some of those use cases below to help flesh out if you need the support of a PR professional. 

Public Relations Strategy

How does PR fit into my company’s marketing activities? This is a question that is answered by market research, which can identify your opportunity space to build brand recognition and compete with your competitors.  The PR strategy will help you determine what the purpose of PR is in your marketing stack, its storytelling objectives, desirable publications, target audience, and how to measure success. 

Content Marketing

Social media has provided a low-cost entry point to communicate with your audience and intended audiences. PR is a powerful sidecar to your content marketing strategy. High-quality public relations to substantiate and lend authority to your content and story tell around your brand narrative from multiple angles and perspectives. 


Earned media has a high impact on website SEO optimization as it provided high authority backlinks to your content. Employed wisely, you can greatly impact your backlink and organic position through PR. 

Disaster Mitigation

How does your firm prepare for unfortunate events? How do you respond in a way that limits damage? What actions do you need to take to begin the process of healing? BS LLC helps you analyze the marketplace, your values, run risk analysis, and build effective plans to encourage public understanding. 

Brand or Product Launch

Launching a new product or brand into the market? We can help you identify the story angle, the most important consumer attributes, write, and creative direct the story. The goal: to reach potential customers with useful and accurate information that speaks to the unique benefits of your product.