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SEO : Search Engine Optimization

BS LLC is a Cincinnati-based SEO & marketing firm. We help businesses and institutions increase their market visibility with search engine optimization strategy. This process analyzes where you can find market opportunities and provides a roadmap of how to attain those goals. Below you can find more information on SEO and our process.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic through organic search. SEO is essential to a website’s success as a marketing tool. The most successful SEO-attuned websites require a thoughtful taxonomy that allows its content to be highly digestible by search indices.

How do people find what they need to find online? Well, it begins with a search index such as Google, Bing, and others. Users input questions, or search queries. Sometimes they simply talk to their phones and the index scurries off to find information that is highly relevant to their request.

The name of the game here is good information. For example, say you ask Siri “What is the most adorable dog breed.” If we’re returned a list of web pages to local dog groomers, Siri did not do her job well. Instead, if Siri returns web results from a high-quality source that is an organized list of the most adorable breeds, then we applaud her robot capacity.

This gets to the crux of SEO. Users are quick to judge. So if you get bad information back from Siri or Google or other too many times, you’ll be annoyed and eventually stop using the tool. Instead, the more it correctly answers your questions, the more reliable we believe the tool to be and we turn to it for more complex scenarios.

Enter SEO or search engine optimization. This markup and language allow website builders to explain to Google why their content answer questions their users might have well. If the content submitted to the index meets the criteria of the user, the index does the equivalent of giving it a gold star, it elevates its organic position. The better you tailor your content to the end-user the better your position.

A website’s organic position is how far down the results list you appear for any given question or keyword. For the sake of BS LLC, did you find us by Googling a word like branding or marketing? Did you have to look through many pages of search results to find our name?

As branders and marketers, it is beneficial for our company to be visible by related keywords like marketing, marketing strategy, branding, help me make more money, etc. We apply the same theory to our client’s industries.

Keywords: Answering Users Questions

The primary information SEO seeks to understand is how people find your business/service or businesses and services that are similar. This research process to identify how people find information is called Keyword Research. It is the technical process of understanding the natural language propensity of potential customers. Once we establish how customers find a product or service, we rank the keywords by volume of use, difficulty to acquire, and click-thru potential. In addition to helping build the semantic language for your website or landing pages, this process is essential to Advertising development.

After a realistic keyword list is developed, we develop language by referencing the best practices of the top ten SERP positions for each keyword. This practice allows us to level set on what is required to rank for each keyword. We look to a bunch of criteria to help us out: word count, semantically related keywords, tone of voice consistency, language density, outbound links, internal links as well as the semantic hierarchy of the language on-page–gulp, among many others.

As students of language, we go the extra mile to ensure the user experience is not compromised by this technical linguistic practice. We test language against Flesch-Kinkaid analysis. This helps us determine the ideal level of language for a specific topic and the consistency of tone of voice employed. We also make sure that a brand’s tone of voice is of equal importance to the technical goals.

And this is just the beginning.

In marketing, there are a few ways in which your business gains traffic or leads. The first is Direct. Direct traffic users come to your website by typing in your name to Google or by entering the URL. This type of traffic requires brand awareness or more simply that potential customers know your name.

The second form is Search. Search traffic is traffic that arrives on your website from users employing keywords. For example, say I am looking for “concerts this weekend.” I enter it on Google and Google gives me back results based on what it thinks I want to see. If you want to do well in Search, you need to invest in SEO.

Finally, Referral traffic. Referral traffic is exactly what you might think. Just as you might get referral business from a client whom you serve well, you may get referral traffic from a website for being a quality content resource. Referral traffic can be developed through multiple techniques, primarily through Public Relations campaigns and through backlink development.

At BS we believe no SEO journey is complete without taking a look at the backlink opportunity space. You see, in each industry referrals or in this case, backlinks, mean something slightly different. That’s because each industry has its own experts. When you are seen as an online content expert, you are given domain authority. Websites are given a Domain Authority (DA) score from 0-100. The closer to 100, the more authoritative your content.

Backlink development starts by understanding the most authoritative domains in your industry and more specifically around a set of keywords. From it, we develop a backlink strategy for attaining the most important backlinks. 

In its simplest form, backlink development is link building. Historically, many people tried to game Google and other search indices by purchasing loads of backlinks from fake websites. Indices have gotten hip to this practice. 

By linking your domain to others with strong DA, you can build your site’s DA and improve its organic search results. Our backlink review also audits all sites currently linking to your website and we remove any toxic domains that can negatively impact your DA score. 

SERP Features and the Power of Local SEO

What is SERP Feature?

SERP is a fancy way of saying the search engine results page. This is the page of results that displays after you type “best pizza in Cincinnati” into Google. SERP features are a set of tools indices use to answer questions. The results you receive are dynamic. The dynamic elements are made up of the aforementioned SERP feature tools. 

By studying what tools they use to answer any specific question we can improve your ranking factors.  Google and others have developed sophisticated information systems to deliver information that answers your question to the best of their ability. These features include Reviews, FAQs, People Also Ask, Image Search, Videos, Local SEO, and many more.

For example, you might Google “how do I fold an origami swan?” Google may prioritize video results demonstrating how to fold an origami swan. It does this because it answers user’s questions better than an extensive article on types of origami paper.

With customers intended keywords in hand, we analyze which SERP features figure into the top ten placement on a given keyword. From it, we can map out a path to keyword success.

The Power of Local SEO

Location-based services have become increasingly more meaningful to the Google algorithm. Essentially, you can think of it as Google once again trying to answer our questions to the best of its ability. If Google provides you results that are close to your home, you’re much more likely to employ those results. This is specifically relevant with voice search as individuals tend to ask digital assistants questions like “where can I get gas,” “what restaurants are open,” “what happened today in the news.”

By correlating the search criteria with a user’s geography, the digital assistant can provide more relevant answers. This is why we continue to see an uptick in the need for strong local search integration.

We help you optimize your local search position. This process often includes optimizing social media platforms to speak coherently with your website and other digital tools. Our goal is to make sure your name pops up for what people search. 

SEO is a process, not an event

Search Engine Optimization should be viewed as lead generation. If done correctly, you coordinate your products and services to customer needs in a very direct manner. Coupled with a strong brand experience and good value proposition, it will lead to sales. However, it is not a one-and-done technique.

A strong digital presence requires an ongoing search engine optimization strategy, continuous analysis of progress, identification of gaps and opportunities, and regular implementation. If you don’t go hard at the paint, know that your competitors will.

At BS LLC, we view SEO as an important lead source. Our process begins by establishing goals, developing a realistic opportunity map, an execution plan, and monthly support to ensure your digital presence receives the attention and care it needs to improve. 

Our monthly support manages your on-page search engine optimization, backlink development, and all associated web platforms including, webmaster tools, local citation, XML sitemap development, SEO schema, and more. We correlate ongoing activities to performance goals, revenue development, and desired search volume.  

In addition to tactical SEO services, we offer UX design services to improve website flow and experience, website security, and performance packages, as well as AMP-designed mobile sites to ensure mobile-friendly experiences.