Brand Strategy is a term that means “how should my brand be created, shaped, and realized in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish.” Successful brand strategy creates the guardrails and targets for designers and creatives to follow such that they produce the materials of meaning that connect with audiences, spark growth, or invite action. Brand Strategy is the synthesis of data on what the product or service does, who they do it for, why its different and better, and how it fits into the fabric of our social context. Its *part* of why our name is BS.


Our approach for guiding brand growth artfully selects from several techniques, including disruptive and innovation strategy, technical growth hacking, SEO and digital marketing, and sales performance consulting powered by HubSpot and similar CRM systems.


Bringing your product or service to the market starts with defining realistic goals, understanding the product or service and its audience. We then select platforms, define budgets, and develop creative. All of these activities are organized rigorously with transparent timelines and processes.

BS LLC understands that your corporate strategy differs from your brand strategy in a specific way: Your corporate strategy lays out the plan for how you’ll create profit.


Is your brand struggling against specific competitors? At BS LLC we can help guide your cost-based approach, sharpen your differentiation, or help you develop a niche — depending on what’s appropriate and guided by our research.

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Onboarding takes shape over the course of several sessions and workshops designed to ensure alignment to goals and objectives, scope of work, resources, and timeline. We discuss risks and obstacles and how to overcome them. We shake hands and high-five and move forward from a shared place of purpose and a transparent path forward.


No two strategy projects possess the same research pathway, but when we perform research in service of developing a strategy, we look deeply at the core product, customers served, compeititon, and cultural context. We often build personas for both the customer as well as the brand, and frame competitive insights both in terms of qualitative messages and quantitative share-of-voice. That said, all of the above may change based on the goals of the strategy. Before launching into research, we ensure our clients are aligned with our methodologies and subjects.


Gathering a mountain of data is of no use without a way to distill it into profitable action. At BS LLC, we have a way of identifying key insights that power sound strategy. Synthesis is more than just information marination, its numbers crunching, discussions and brainstorms, wrestling with ideas and arguments, and ultimately blazing a path forward.


With research and synthesis in-hand, we design and deliver a clean, focused set of insights tailored to the original goals of the engagement. We answer the big questions, pose deeper ones, and (often) provide a roadmap forward.


No successful strategies are ever “one and done;” they all evolve. At BS LLC, we review in order to advance.


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BS LLC did an excellent job conducting customer research for our team, which enabled us to strengthen our forward-facing communications. By determining the specific jobs to be done and building messaging systems that clearly and effectively communicated them, we were better able to convey our value to potential customers.

Nicole Armstrong – Ellequate

The BS team is very creative, has wonderful insights, and has great follow through and execution.

Eli Liechty – Empower MFG

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