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BS LLC is a Cincinnati Web Design Firm

Simple, elegant, unique. Our goal is to create business and institutional websites that provide potential customers the emotional satisfaction and functional understanding necessary to convert leads into customers. 

Combining digital best practices with your brand’s assets, we design an eye-catching user experience that connects with the needs of potential customers and drives them to action. 

Website Design Process

Web design begins with research into your company. We seek to understand its purpose and goals, both internally as it relates to sales and marketing, as well as how and why it communicates to your consumers. Equipped with internal and external insights, we begin creating visual systems. 

The graphic design process begins with the website user experience or UX. UX design is the visual skeleton of the future website. It defines infrastructure, hierarchy, and information priority. Our goal is to marry the internal and user insights with an intuitive and highly engaging interface.

Custom & Modular Websites

BS LLC builds custom websites and modular websites. Our websites are responsive and optimized for user experience across platforms. Our goal is to create something that meets your specific need-set. 

For a young business or startup, we recommend modular websites. These are beautiful and cost-effective solutions to your marketing needs. For larger businesses and enterprises, we provide fully custom website experiences with customizable technology stacks.

For the incumbent business, our custom website program offers best-in-class visuals with flexible technology to meet your needs.

Modular Websites

For startups and small businesses, we follow the minimal viable product model (MVP). Our goal is to build websites and technology products that enable you to test and gather feedback and refine the product. This includes technology integrations with social media platforms, analytic platforms, and sales CRMs.

Modular websites enable flexible, fast web development, with ongoing agility. We are proficient in development in many platforms, from Squarespace to Cargo to Elementor. We can help you identify the best platform to accomplish your goals.

Custom Websites

With established brands, we produce refined, best-in-class websites that engender confidence in your product and help you stand out in the marketplace. Our goal is to create beautiful and flexible online ecosystems that allow you to meet your long-term goals. 

Ecommerce platforms, mobile apps, web apps, databases, SEO-focused niche product sites, we can help your team produce world-class technology products that support your future needs, no matter their complexity. 

Search Engine Optimization

To improve your online presence, our team has deep expertise in SEO (search engine optimization). We work with your team to establish visibility goals, implement strategies,  and measure growth.

You can learn more about SEO services here

Hosting & Management

BS LLC offers website management services, including web hosting services, security services, and content development packages. We strive to complete your goals with excellence and provide peace of mind.